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Letter From Roop Mullins – Director Doub7e Seven

Dear Event Organiser,

This is a proposal based on the theme of Hollywood (& all of its many sub-genres); we also welcome your own ideas so that we can provide a follow up proposal, bespoke for your events.

The information below is divided into the following sections –

1.       Hollywood theme props & venue styling
2.       Hollywood meet & greet / walkabout for photo opportunity performers
3.       Other Entertainment & Venue Styling ideas
4.       Gallery / credentials / compliance

1.       Hollywood theme props & venue styling

You should receive an email from We Transfer which will have instructions of how to access photos which relate to the below:

Statues & Clapper Boards

  •  ·         Giant Awards Statue (Oscar style)
  • ·         Giant Clapper Board
  • ·         Clapper Board Table Centre Pieces – with mirror bases & table scatters
  • ·         Superhero Statues (e.g. Spiderman, Superman etc.)


  •  ·         Red (or different colours) carpet walkway (4 metre) with gold posts
  • ·         LED Star Archway
  • ·         Movie Entranceway – personalised
  • ·         Silhouette Panels inc LED Lights (various iconic movie designs)
  • ·         Gold VIP Entrance Sign
  • ·         Flame Machines


These are very popular with clients and are freestanding so don’t mark walls and they fit into all kinds of event spaces. For instance, a backdrop is often positioned to dress a stage. They are increasingly used in an area to create a photo opportunity backdrop. Our fun casinos and chocolate fountains look great in front of backdrops as well.

  • ·         Backdrop with freestanding stand 6m x 3m
  • ·         LED Countdown Banners
  • ·         Bespoke designs – e.g. incorporating sponsor and the charity’s logos  

 Greatest Showman / Circus collection

  • ·         Circus top entranceway arch
  • ·         World Of Wonders entrance arch
  • ·         Grass effect carpet walkway with picket fencing
  • ·         Themed backdrops
  • ·         Large LED light-up letters – e.g. spelling the name of your organisation
  • ·         Silhouette Panels – depicting theme pictures such as Ringmaster, Bearded Lady, elephant etc
  • ·         LED circus sign
  • ·         Greatest Showman sign
  • ·         Ticket Booth
  • ·         Peep Thru photo opportunity board
  • ·         Silk flame machines
  • ·         Candy Ferris Wheel – for sweets

A link to the Greatest Showman / Circus section of our website is: https://www.77events.co.uk/project/greatest-showman/.

2.       Hollywood meet & greet / walkabout for photo opportunity performers

We often provide a duo of performers for Hollywood theme events. These artists provide multi-layered entertainment from the beginning of the party until the DJ kicks in, as follows:

  • Meet & greet set: performers, dressed as iconic Hollywood characters, welcome guests as they arrive. This can be on stilts, juggling and doing fire trickery. Lots of costumes options.
  •  Drinks reception: venues often ask our performers to help with the ‘call for dinner’ and usher guests towards their seats for the meal.
  • Energiser walkabout: Our artists choose appropriate times during the meal to cover the room with walkabout entertainment. Guests love using their camera phones to create videos and photos for their social media feeds (which also promotes your company & charities J).

There’s lots of angles to Hollywood. Let me know if they have a preference of genre? For instance –

  • Golden era
  • 20’s
  •  Greatest Showman
  • James Bond
  • Marvel / comic book adaptations
  • Animation – Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, Aladdin, other Disney etc
  • Wild West
  • Gangsters
  • Sci-Fi
  • Pirates
  • Etc.

Or, you might want a bunch of costume performers representing a number of different genres.

3.Other Entertainment & Venue Styling ideas

Lots of entertainment and photo fun fit into many different themes, including Hollywood related themes. Let me know if you are interested in any of the items in the list below (or on our website / social media) and I will then find availability / the best prices:

  • Photo booth / photo mirror
  • Roving costumed cameraman
  • Photo opportunity area using props, a backdrop and theming
  • Hollywood dance cabaret
  • Fun Casino
  • Games package: air hockey, Jenga, Connect 4 & darts (safe plastic nibs)
  • Gladiator Joust
  • Rodeo, Surf or Banana simulator
  • Giant Twister
  • Live background music
  • Tribute Act
  • Arcade Games – for Space Invaders, Pac Man etc
  • Slot Machines
  • Backdrops – e.g. for a Selfie area or for behind the DJ or stage – lots of designs & themes
  • Dance troupe
  • Flair Bartenders, Chocolate Fountains etc
  • Glow juggling cabaret
  • Etc.

4. Gallery / Credentials / Compliance

We have public liability insurance, our electrical equipment has valid PAT test certification and we provide risk assessment and method documents, specific to the access and operating areas of each individual event.

For testimonials and case studies about how we help event organisers – visit www.77events.co.uk/credentials .

Please let me know what interests you the most? … I’ll hunt out the quality and the bargains for you (we run price comparison studies with artists & crew to deliver the best prices for you)! In the first instance, I’m available by phone and email to take your initial thoughts and feedback.

Thank you for your time!

Roop Mullins – Director – Doub7e Seven

Some Images From Willy Wonka Theme Events