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Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – Willy Wonka

Some Videos From Willy Wonka Theme Events

Letter From Roop Mullins – Director Doub7e Seven

Dear Event Organiser,

We have supplied a varied collection of event solutions for this theme over the years including:

Artists & Entertainment

Props, Decor & Theming:

  • Large ‘Welcome To The Chocolate Factory’ entrance gates.
  • Props – Wonka Bars, Sweets, Candy Canes, Golden Tickets etc (great for photo opportunities)
  • Stage set design
  • Large freestanding theme backdrops – backdrops are used to create photo opportunity areas – &/or, to be positioned in prominent places such as on a stage, in an entrance foyer or perhaps behind a chocolate fountain and in a games area
  • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory welcome sign
  • Grass ‘red carpet style’ entrance walkway (grass flanked by candy canes / lollipops)
  • Chocolate River with bridge etc
  • Mike Teavee Room
  • Wedding Chapel – with Willy Wonka Vicar!
  • Drapes and panelling
  • Lighting Effects
  • Etc.

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Please let me know what interests you the most? … I’ll hunt out the quality and the bargains for you (we run price comparison studies with artists & crew to deliver the best prices for you)! In the first instance, I’m available by phone and email to take your initial thoughts and feedback.

Thank you for your time!

Roop Mullins – Director – Doub7e Seven

Some Images From Willy Wonka Theme Events